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            2. Umoja Learning Community

              Umoja Offers Support to Help You Succeed and Graduate

              Umoja (a Kiswahili word meaning unity) is a community dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African American and other students. It is a family that helps its members navigate the college environment and become successful in education.

              Sierra's Umoja Learning Community is open to all students but specifically designed to increase the retention and success rates as well as the graduation and transfer rates of African ancestry students.

              We believe when the voices and histories of students are recognized, the opportunity for self-efficacy, or self-belief, emerges. This is a foundation for academic success.

              Enrollment Eligibility

              1. Fill out and turn in the Umoja Application.
              2. Complete the introduction interview with program faculty.

              Our Mission

              The Umoja Community seeks to:

              • Educate the whole student: body, mind and spirit
              • Engage students as full participants in the construction of knowledge and critical thought
              • Help students experience themselves as valuable and worthy of an education
              • Provide the opportunity for students to add their story to the collective stories of the African Diaspora
              • Improve reading, writing, self-discipline, and critical thinking skills

              Program faculty also provide assistance with the personal issues that often hinder African American students.

              Benefits of Participating in Umoja

              As a part of the Umoja family, you will benefit from:

              • A strong support system and personal attention by counselors and instructors
              • Integrated instruction from caring faculty
              • Peer tutoring and supplemental instruction tutoring
              • Motivational and cultural workshops
              • Campus tours
              • Mentorship with campus faculty, staff, and community members
              • Participation in the Umoja Community statewide events

              Learning Community Classes

              The Umoja program provides specialized learning programs designed to help students gain a solid foundation to succeed in college.

              FALL SEMESTER

              • Personal Development 1: College and Life Success (3 units)
              • English 1A and S: College Reading, Writing and Research (6 units)
              • Skill Development 10: How to Be a Successful Online Student (1 unit)
              • SSCI 20: African–American Culture & Experience (3 units)

              SPRING SEMESTER

              • Personal Development 6: Career and Life Success (3 units)
              • English 1B: Critical Thinking: Writing About Literature (3 units) or
                English 1C: Critical Thinking: Writing Across Curriculum (3 units)
              • Social Science 50: Ethnic Images in Film (3 units)


              Umoja Statewide Community
              The State Umoja Community unifying and expanding Umoja programs system wide.
              California Community Colleges’ HBCU Transfer Program
              Learn more about transferring to historically black colleges and universities.

              Contact Us

              Rocklin Campus L building

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