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            2. TRiO

              TRiO Helps Students Overcome Barriers to Higher Education

              TRiO Student Support Services is a counseling program for first generation and low-income students whose educational goal is to receive an Associate’s degree and transfer to a four-year university. TRiO can also support students interested in certificate programs. From workshops to transfer assistance, TRiO offers an array of support services, information, and motivation to its students.

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              TRiO Eligibility

              You must meet the following minimum qualifications to join TRiO:

              • first generation students (neither parent has obtained a four-year degree or higher) AND
              • low income* OR
              • documented disability

              * TRiO can serve a small percentage of students who don't meet the low income requirement. Contact TRiO for more information.


              All TRiO students are required to do the following as part of the program:

              • Meet with a TRiO counselor three times each semester
              • Follow a current My Academic Plan (MAP)
              • Maintain a 2.0 GPA
              • Attend TRiO New Student Orientation
              • Attend one workshop
              • Complete financial literacy assignment

              Benefits of TRiO

              Priority Registration
              Students will likely get the courses of their choice each semester by being allowed to register early.
              Academic Counseling
              Receive one-on-one counseling. Develop a student educational plan based on your major, and receive support for your academic needs.
              Transfer Counseling
              One-on-one counseling focused on transfer requirements and admission deadlines at the university level.
              TRiO will support you with academic tutoring.
              Financial Literacy
              Maximize your finances so that you can achieve your academic and financial goals.
              Campus Tours
              Free field trips to four-year universities. Transportation and food included!
              TRiO offers workshops that teach academic, financial and personal success.
              Book Voucher
              Students that complete their semester requirements will receive financial textbook help in the form of a book voucher in the Sierra College Bookstore.
              Mentor Program
              TRiO students gain extra guidance from faculty members through the Sierra College Mentor Program.
              Technology Check Out
              Students can check out laptops, scientific and graphing calculators for school use.
              Multicultural Events
              TRiO takes field trips to special off-campus events that are geared at broadening student’s perspectives on other cultures.
              Connect with other students like you who want to be successful in college and in life.

              Contact TRiO

              Rocklin Campus L

              • Fall and Spring Hours
                M-Th: 8:00am - 5:30pm
                F: 8:00am - 5:00pm
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