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            2. RISE

              RISE to Academic Success

              RISE is an academic support program for students attending college for the first time. We serve historically underrepresented and underserved students.

              Success Teams

              RISE students join success teams that include the following:

              • Counselors
              • Peer mentors
              • Academic coaches
              • Financial aid support
              • Academic support

              Get help completing your degree, certificate, or transferring to a four-year school. You will also get priority registration so you can take the classes you need.

              Additional RISE Program Benefits

              • Personal and Academic Support
              • Success Coaching and Counseling
              • Field Trips, Events, Conferences, and the Summer Jam
              • Workshops on Success and Skill-Building throughout the year
              • Visits to Four-Year Universities
              • Team-building, Leadership, and Networking Opportunities
              • Exclusive access to the RISE Center. Socialize in our lounge or do your homework at our study spaces. We also provide laptops and calculators for RISE students.

              Our program, services, events, and field trips are all free.

              RISE students


              RISE Eligibility

              You must meet the following minimum qualifications to join RISE:

              • First-generation college student – (neither parent/guardian has earned a four-year college degree or higher)
              • Must have an academic support placement in English and/or Math
              • Enrolled in at least 6 units at Sierra College (12-15+ units recommended)
                • Waitlisted courses do not count towards the 6 unit minimum
              • Enroll in RISE 1 course and join any of the following Learning Cohort Communities:
                • Advancing Latinx Achieving Success
                • Black Excellence
                • New Legacy (Multi-cultural)
                • Pride (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer+)
                • NCC (Nevada County Campus students)

              RISE Cohorts

              RISE cohorts are groups of students with similar interests who attend field trips, social events, and educational activities together. The following is a list of cohorts we have in the RISE Program. Each cohort is open to all RISE students.

              RISE graduates

              Rocklin Campus Learning Communities

              Black Excellence (BE)
              Explore information and events related to African American experiences.

              Advancing Latina/o/x Achieving Success (ALAS)
              Explore information and events related to Latina/o/x experiences. Alas is Spanish for “Wings.”

              New Legacy
              Explore information and events related to multi-cultural experiences.

              Explore information and events related to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer experiences.

              For information about how to join the Wonoti program (information and events related to Native American and Pacific Islander experiences), please email Dr. Melissa Leal at mleal@sierracollege.edu.

              Nevada County Campus

              NCC Cohort
              Explore information and events related to the Nevada County Campus community.


              Contact RISE

              Rocklin Campus LR 446

              • Fall and Spring Hours
                M-Th: 9:00am - 5:00pm
                F: 9:00pm - 3:00pm

              Nevada County Campus N2 inside Learning Center

              • Fall and Spring Hours
                M-F: 10:00am - 2:00pm
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