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            2. International Students

              Colleges and Universities in the United States require a wider breadth of courses in undergraduate study than educational systems in many other countries. Students in the United States may take introductory courses in several fields, including humanities, science and mathematics, along with pre-major courses, before taking the advanced courses in their major field.

              Sierra College offers students the opportunity to take the same lower-division courses they would take at a four-year college or university, but at a lower cost.

              Programs of Study Transfer

              International Students Application

              Student Life

              Our students have plenty of activities to choose from: they can join student clubs and athletic teams, enjoy field trips, take fitness classes, and serve on the student government. Clubs are organized to involve students in specialized fields of interest aligned with your academic major, personal interest in a particular activity, or special service to the college or community.

              Student Support Services

              The Student Engagement Center offers staff who are available to answer any questions that may arise about issues involving cultural or social interactions or questions about living in America. A DSO can provide information about F-1 visa status issues.

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