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            2. Support Programs

              Individualized Support for a Variety of Needs

              Sierra College offers a wide range of support programs that provide students with individualized support for a variety of needs. You may qualify for multiple programs.

              Staff ready to help students with CalWORKS


              CalWORKs is a program that helps students meet their welfare-to-work requirements and prepare for jobs in their chosen professions. Students can receive counseling and additional support services to help them achieve their academic goals. 


              • Students must qualify for TANF/CalWORKs and be cash aid recipients
              • Must have an approved welfare-to-work plan listing education as an approved activity for the county

              Staff helping a student with CARE assistance

              Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE)

              CARE provides enhanced support services, including advocacy, additional counseling support and CARE grants.


              • Be eligible for EOPS
              • Be a single parent with at least one dependent receiving CalWORKs cash and benefits

              Staff helping a student with EOPS

              Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)

              EOPS provides services to students who are low-income and educationally disadvantaged. These include specialized counseling, financial aid processing assistance, priority registration, tutoring and assistance with purchasing books.


              • Be approved for a California College Promise Grant (CCPG) Fee Waiver
              • Be a California Resident
              • Be educationally underserved

              Guardian Scholars student group photo

              Guardian Scholars

              This program for current and former foster youth provides counseling services, textbook assistance, priority to on-campus housing, care packs and college transfer assistance.


              • Must be an eligible current or foster youth attending Sierra College

              Staff handing out care packages to Next Up students


              NextUp provides enhanced support services to current or former foster youth such as counseling services, grants, emergency shelter assistance, textbook assistance and school supplies.


              • Must be a current or former foster youth in foster care placement between ages 16 and 18 years old
              • Must not have reached 26th birthday by July 1 of academic year
              • Must be EOPS eligible
              • Must be enrolled in at least 9 units (unless waived by Disability Support Programs and Services [DSPS])

              Staff helping a student with TRiO


              TRiO Student Support Services is a counseling program for first generation and low-income students. Services include textbook funds, priority registration, specialized counseling, free tutoring and campus tours to four-year universities.


              • Participants must be first-generation students (neither parent has a four-year degree or higher)
              • Must be low income or have a documented disability

              Support Services and Communities

              Learn about the various support services we offer, including those that meet the needs of specific communities.

              Black students studying together in the Cross Cultural Center

              Cross Cultural Center

              Community spaces for all to come and learn together in a unified multicultural and international setting that is diverse and inclusive. Includes the Native American, Puente and Umoja rooms, as well as International Student Engagement and the Undocumented Student Center.

              • Open to all students. Often used for club meetings, faculty office hours and cultural events
              Group shot of students with disabilities

              Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS)

              DSPS provides individualized counseling, priority registration, evaluation of learning disabilities, academic accommodations and more to students with disabilities.

              • For students with verified disabilities and who have functional limitations resulting from the disability that impacts the educational experience in some way
              Group shot of honors/Phi Theta Kappa students


              For students interested in a more challenging classroom experience and want to earn a "Completed with Honors" notation on their transcript.

              • Students who complete an Honors Course Contract with their instructor(s), which includes creating a contract detailing higher-level assignments, projects and other activities that qualify as Honors-level coursework to be completed by the student.
              • There is no minimum GPA required to participate in Honors Course Contracts
              Female student using computer with baby on her lap

              Lactation Spaces

              Rooms designed to provide a clean, private and comfortable facility for mothers.

              • Dedicated space exclusively for breastfeeding women - faculty, staff and students
              Group shot of Native American Club students

              Native American and Pacific Islander Resources

              Resources include a Tribal Liaison, the Native American Resource Room, the Wonoti Learning Community, the Native American and Pacific Islander Club and a variety of classes designed to increase community and study success.

              • Students who identify as Native American and/or Pacific Islander
              Students and staff at Pride Center table

              Pride Support and Resources

              Our goal is to empower students by providing resources that specialize in the needs of our diverse LGBTQ+ community. On-campus resources include the Pride Center, Rainbow Alliance Club, Campus Advocates and upcoming events.

              • Open to all students. Often used for Pride events, Rainbow Alliance Club meetings and lively conversations
              Group shot of Puente students with awards


              This nationally acclaimed program offers coursework, field trips, and support focused on the Latino/a/x experience. Puente is designed to help students complete their education, transfer to four-year colleges and universities, and earn their degrees and return to the community as leaders and mentors for future generations.

              • Open to all students
              Black students participating in class

              Umoja Learning Community

              Umoja is a learning community dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of Black/African American students. Services include a strong support system of instructors and counselors, peer tutoring, workshops, campus tours, textbook assistance and mentorships.

              • Open to all students but specifically designed for students with African ancestry
              Undocumented Student Center butterfly icon

              Undocumented Student Center

              A welcoming and supportive space that offers guidance and resources to help empower undocumented students and mixed-status families to meet their higher education and career goals.

              • Open to undocumented students, mixed-status families and the entire campus community
              Military veterans group shot

              Veterans Success Center

              Assists veterans and military-connected students by processing educational benefits, providing counseling and benefit overviews while connecting students to community resources.

              • All veterans and military connected students (Requirements vary by specific program)
              Student accessing books in the Women and Gender Resource center

              Women and Gender Resource Center

              A community space for all to meet, relax and study in a gender inclusive setting featuring activist art, personal care products and other gender equity and parenting resources.

              • Open to all students. Often used for gender-focused events, Feminist Action Club meetings and study groups
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