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            2. Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)

              Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)

              The EOPS Program at Sierra College provides low income and educationally underserved students with support services that includes specialized counseling, financial aid, priority 1 registration, tutoring, assistance with purchasing books, and more. As a college success program, EOPS is designed to provide opportunities for students with academic potential, who historically would not have been able to attend college.

              The EOPS Program also includes:

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              Another component of EOPS is the Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) program. This program provides educational support services for the academically under prepared, single parent population who are receiving benefits through CalWORKS/TANF and are EOPS eligible.

              NextUp provides enhanced support services to eligible current or former foster youth such as housing assistance grant, emergency shelter assistance, additional funds to buy required textbooks, school supplies, specialized counseling and more.

              Sierra College was among 1 of 10 Community College Districts in California that was awarded NextUp funding by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office to provide additional/enhanced support services for foster youth entering postsecondary education. The purpose of NextUp is to strengthen the capacity of community college districts to support the higher education success, health and well-being of some of the nearly 13,000 current and former foster youth who are enrolled in California's community colleges.

              In addition to receiving EOPS services, NextUp students at Sierra College will receive the following enhanced services:

              • Emergency housing assistance
              • Monthly CAFYES grant
              • Additional funds to buy required textbooks/materials
              • Additional funds to buy school supplies
              • Monthly gas cards or bus passes, meal cards and grocery cards
              • Specialized counseling and supportive success coach-advocate

              Qualifications for NextUp :

              • Be enrolled in EOPS; and
              • Be enrolled in at least 9 units (or approved for less by DSPS); and
              • Have court dependency/wardship status that was established or continued on or after your 16th birthday; and
              • No older than 25 years of age at the beginning of the academic year.

              How to Apply for the EOPS Program

              If you are interested in attending Sierra College and applying for the EOPS Program, it is very important that you complete the following steps as early as possible.

              1. Review EOPS eligibility

              2. Complete a Sierra Application, accept College Terms and Conditions in mySierra, and Placement

              3. Submit a California College Promise Grant or FAFSA application

              4. Submit an EOPS application with all required documents. The EOPS office will contact students only if selected. 

              Benefits of Participating in EOPS


              Get one-on-one academic, career and personal counseling. Prescriptive/comprehensive academic planning to complete your goals.
              Priority One Registration
              Step ahead of the line when registering for classes.


              Textbooks and School Materials
              Receive assistance to help pay for books and supplies. Also check out our Technology Learning Library.
              Get a free parking permit or Placer Transit Bus pass.

              FEE WAIVERS

              Graduation Cost
              Let us pay filing fees and for your graduation cap and gown.
              Transfer Fees
              Get a waiver for your UC/CSU admission fees.

              Contact EOPS Office

              Rocklin Campus L 141

              • Phone: (916) 660-7366
              • Fax: (916) 630-4505
              • Fall and Spring Hours
                M-Th: 8:00am - 5:30pm
                F: 8:00am - 5:00pm

              Nevada County Campus N1 216

              • Phone: (530) 274-5306
              • Fax: (530) 274-5336
              • Fall and Spring Hours
                M-Th: 8:30am - 5:30pm

                By Appointment Only
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