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            2. Success Center

              Helping Students Meet Their Career and Academic Goals

              The Success Center aligns with our interest areas, which are a group of related academic programs offered at Sierra College. Each interest area has a dedicated support specialist who partners with Sierra College instructional faculty and counselors to help get you to your goal.

              Our mission is to bridge the gaps between continuing students' needs and the various campus resources, programs, and services our college provides to help students succeed.

              Check out our interest area video to more about the support you receive. 

              Learn How You Can Get Ahead

              A support specialist's primary goal is your success! They can help by directing you to the most fitting resources for your situation and interests, as well as minimize your need to visit various campus departments to find answers. 

              At the Success Center, we can help you:

              • Problem solve and answer questions
              • Find FREE campus resources, programs, and services
              • Explore major and career options
              • Stay on track with your academic and career goals
              • Prepare for graduation

              Meet Your Support Specialist

              Receive one-on-one help from your interest area support specialist by dropping in or scheduling an appointment online through Sierra Connect in mySierra. You may also view or print the list of our Success Center Support Specialists.

              public safety, health and wellness interest area icon of police badge and beating heart Headshot of Kayla Ham

              Public Safety, Health and Wellness

              • Admin. of Justice
              • Fire
              • Health Science
              • Nutrition
              • Kinesiology
              Kayla Ham
              (916) 660-7407
              public safety, health and wellness interest area icon of police badge and beating heart Headshot of Lori Servin

              Public Safety, Health and Wellness

              • Allied Health
              • Nursing
              Lori Servin
              (916) 660-7439
              Nevada County campus interest area icon Headshot of Christina Wallace
              Nevada County Campus Christina Wallace
              (530) 274-5340 (ext. 5340)
              Tahoe-Truckee interest area For support at the Tahoe-Truckee campus, please call (530) 550-2225 or schedule an appointment with your counselor

              Contact the Success Center

              Rocklin Campus LR 444

              • Fall and Spring Hours
                M-Th: 8:00am - 6:00pm
                F: 8:00am - 5:00pm
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