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            2. Residence Hall

              Experience Living on Campus

              The Rocklin Campus is one of only a few community colleges in California that offers an on-campus, dorm-style residence hall.

              If you are interested in off-campus housing, check out this list of local rental options and rooms for rent group on Facebook.

              Contact Residence Hall Office Submit a Residence Hall Interest Form

              Learn more about the residence hall: 

              Residence Hall Amenities

              Our student housing is one co-ed residence hall (Building Z) on our Rocklin Campus that can accommodate 120 students. The residence hall is a two-story building with suite-style rooms as well as a shared community space. 

              Dorm Rooms

              Shared Community Spaces

              • Double-occupancy, single-gender furnished rooms (two students)
              • Single-gender bathrooms shared between two rooms (four students share a bathroom)
              • Each residence hall room has two extra-long twin beds, two desks, two closets and two dressers
              • All rooms are wired for telephone and cable (students must sign up for service and pay separately)
              • Credit card-operated laundry facilities
              • Study room
              • Recreation room (pool table, ping-pong, table, television with DVD player)
              • Kitchen (stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and some cooking utilities)
              • Designated Residence Hall parking lot

              Note: Summer housing is available in the residence hall, but the residence hall is closed during Winter break.

              Residence Hall Costs

              We encourage everyone to apply for Financial Aid, which can be used toward student housing costs. We also offer different payment options.




              Residence Hall Rent Fee Semester or academic year $3,800 per semester ($7,600 academic year)
              Weekly Meal Plan $65 a week meal plan included in cost of rent; it can be used on and off campus at participating locations ----
              Electricity, Water and Garbage Utilities Included in cost of rent ----
              Refundable Security Deposit In addition to rent, the one-time deposit is required prior to move-in. The deposit will be refunded when the student ends their stay with us, as long as there are no damages or cleaning fees, and the student does not have any past due balances owed to the Residence Hall Office. $250
              Residence Hall Parking Permit Residents can park one vehicle on campus with the purchase of a Residence Hall parking permit, which can only be purchased at the Campus Parking and Security Office. Costs vary for cars, motorcycles and carpools. View our Costs for details about parking permit fees.
              Internet, Cable and Phone Not included in cost of rent.

              Schedule a Residence Hall Tour

              Residence Hall and Campus Tours are currently unavailable due to COVID-19, but you can take a Virtual Campus Tour, which includes the residence hall.

              Would you like to check out our residence hall? We offer residence hall tours by appointment only. Please contact the Residence Hall Office to schedule your tour. Note: We are only able to show a room if one is vacant at the time of the tour. For tours of our campus (including the residence hall), visit Campus Tours

              How to Apply for Residence Hall Housing

              Fill out the form below and email it to our Residence Hall Office at housing@sierracollege.edu:

              Residence Hall Interest Form

              You may also mail the form to: Sierra College Residence Hall Office, 4895 Rocklin Rd., Rocklin, CA 95677

              Students playing games in dorm room

              What to Expect After Applying for the Residence Hall

              1. The Residence Hall Office will email your mySierra account to confirm that your Residence Hall Interest Form was received. Note: We typically respond within 1-2 business days of receiving your Residence Hall Interest Form.
              2. We will add your name and information to the Residence Hall Interest List.
              3. The residence hall License Agreement Packet process will be emailed to everyone on the Residence Hall Interest List when it becomes available. Note: The License Agreement Packet is available for fall/spring applicants in mid-April, and spring-only applicants in late October or early November.
              4. If you have any questions about your Residence Hall Interest Form, please contact the Residence Hall Office.

              Residence Hall Requirements and Policies

              Contact the Residence Hall Office

              Rocklin Campus Z

              • Fall and Spring Hours
                M-F: 9:00am - 4:00pm
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