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            2. Student Senate

              Making a Difference

              The Student Senate provides students with the opportunities to participate in the college’s shared governance process, to work with the Sierra College community to develop activities, support programs and services that promote student success and enhance our campus community.

              You will find being a member of the Student Senate is both rewarding and demanding at the same time. The skills you develop working with the faculty and staff on campus, you will use long after you leave Sierra College.

              The Student Senate is responsible for an annual working budget of over $275,000 in program funds. Thank you for your support of the Associated Students!

              Meeting Times

              Student Senate meetings are open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend. During the fall and spring semesters, Student Senate meets every Thursday from 2:00 to 4:00 pm via Zoom Conference Call (Meeting ID: 983 7234 4522, Password: assc2021). Student Senate does not meet during college breaks or recess.

              Campus Life Discord ASSC Senate Instagram ASSC Senate Facebook

              About the Student Senate

              Ruby Chavez-De Chavez
              Student Trustee/President

              Natalie Sokolowska
              Executive Vice President

              John Throm
              Director of Finance

              Director of Communication

              Director of Social Media

              Director of Campus Affairs

              Director of Public Relations

              Ray Atnip
              Student Senator

              Maya Moseley
              Student Senator

              Abby Liller
              NCC Student Senator

              The Associated Students’ Constitution defines our mission, purpose and structure. We pledge to serve Sierra College Students in their best interest. This document, Associated Students of Sierra College Constitution (May 2014) belongs to the students of Sierra College. To revise it, the Student Senate must bring it forward for a district-wide student vote.

              The Student Senate Bylaws include Financial Code, Duties and Responsibilities, and Election Code. The Student Senate Bylaws (May 2014) define our organization and financial structure as outlined in the Constitution. The Student Senate votes to change and upgrade these bylaws as needed.

              Faculty of the Year

              The “Faculty of the Year” award is to acknowledge those professors who go beyond simply lecturing students; they bring learning alive. They are more than just professors; they are role models and mentors in and out of the classroom.

              Each year the Student Senate selects nominated professors as “Faculty Members of the Year” for each of the four campuses.

              To all Professors, Past, Present, and Future

              You challenged us to reach heights we did not think possible, you pushed us when needed and taught us to believe in our dreams. Thank you for your time, energy and enthusiasm you made a huge impact on the students of Sierra College.

              Contact the Student Senate Advisor and Campus Life Coordinator

              Rocklin Campus J 7

              • Fall and Spring Hours
                M-Th: 8:30am - 5:00pm

              Nevada County Campus N5 104

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