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            2. Tutoring Center

              If you have trouble accessing Zoom, email tutorcenter@sierracollege.edu.

              Boost Your Confidence and Your Skills at the Tutoring Center

              Want to raise your grades? Need help with homework? Want to prepare for a test? Our tutors are expert Sierra College students who are here to support you in a welcoming, online learning community. Our team of tutors have passed the courses that challenge you, and can help you with class content and study skills in over 140 subjects. All our tutoring services are always FREE.

              Contact Online Tutoring Center Online Tutoring Center Schedule

              What We Offer

              We have different types of tutoring and will try to adapt to your needs.

              • Zoom into an online tutoring session: Sierra College peer tutors are waiting for you to stop by. No appointment needed. View our drop-in schedule.

              • PASS Peer Program: PASS peer tutors are assigned to a course, help out in class, and hold study sessions outside of class. Contact the Tutoring Center to learn more..

              • Tutor.com: For help around the clock, log into Canvas. From your list of courses, choose the class you want tutoring for. Click on the “Online Tutoring” link in the course menu at the left of the screen. 
                • If you need help with the subject matter of your course, you can access the online tutoring service via a link in your course navigation menu, or if it’s not available there, you can join the Online Tutoring Center Canvas shell to access it there.

              Start working toward your full potential. 

              Contact the Tutoring Center

              Rocklin Campus LR 402

              Jennie Longmire: jlongmire@sierracollege.edu
              Tutoring Center: tutorcenter@sierracollege.edu
              Phone (voicemail): (916) 660-7220

              Nevada County Campus N2 203

              Melody Meier: mmeier@sierracollege.edu
              Meghan Benham: mbenham1@sierracollege.edu
              Phone (voicemail): (530) 274-5308

              Please contact Melody Meier or Meghan Benham for online services.

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