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            2. Academic Help

              Free Tutoring, Math and Writing Assistance, Library, Computer Labs, and More

              As a student, you have access to a vast array of services and that actually begin before you ever set foot in a classroom.

              Sierra provides numerous support centers and labs for use by all students, including the Tutoring, Math, and Writing Center where you can receive help with your studies. Placement and Testing Services provide testing services for students taking make-up exams. Our state-of-the-art, multi-level Learning Resource Center (LRC) in the library serves the community with reference materials, meeting rooms, and electronic and print resources. Start your research at the library - find books, articles and streaming video from the library’s research databases; get research help from our online research guides or by contacting a librarian in person or online.

              Also, Sierra offers many Student Success workshops each semester. 

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